Gift Cards are the fastest growing category of employee rewards and almost two thirds of companies give their employees a gift card as per the Incentive Research Foundation. The Incentive Magazine survey has reported that four out of five respondents believe that gift cards are remembered longer than cash awards.

The top two reasons as per the research as to why gift cards are preferred mode of incentive payment are:

  • The ease to give them versus other types of tangibles like merchandise/utility products
  • People like receiving them more

Compared to gift card programs, merchandise and travel programs require a significant investment of time, resources and funding and additionally there is the downside of the employee not finding any value in outcome of your effort. At a point of time, when senior management needs to be convinced, it is the economics of a gift card program which wins hands down.

While employees appreciate the redemption flexibility and the host of benefits Gain from Giving Gift Cards a gift card offers, the HR & Admin team don’t lag too far behind in being part of the gift card fan club primarily due to the simplicity of purchase, storage and distribution. In-fact, it is the ease which prompts organizations to leverage gift cards as a preferred reward. It enables HR and business teams from corporates to easily configure the gift cards, including branding & messaging, denomination, partner benefits, validity, etc.

This is where Storecheq steps in! It not only provides a tech enable, super easy single platform for both electronic and physical gift cards but additionally customizes gift cards for occasions/festivals, rewards programs, channel incentives, customer promotions or business gifting to enhance your brand value. Some of the key reasons why Storecheq can be your preferred partner and provide you gift card solutions:

• Can be integrated with HRMS and is fully automated

• It’s a single platform for all gifting and rewarding requirements

• System provides the complete transparency of cost, value and no. of receivers

• Delivers the gift or reward to the actual person

• Each and every card generated can be tracked

• No loss due to proliferation, damages, distribution

• Helps cut the cost of inventory management, distribution, damages

• Allows you to place a single order for multiple receivers and that too with different denominations

• Anytime, anywhere & easy accounting

• No setup, monthly, yearly fee or any minimum commitment

• System generated reports on usage

• You pay only for the value of Gift cards generated


Which other incentive option can give you multiple benefits at a single click? Clearly using gift cards is a win-win proposition for any corporate both from an employee and organization (HR & Admin & Accounts) perspective. Reach out to us at 9811990223 or today to enjoy the ease and convenience of the new currency of gifting – Storecheq Gift Cards.

A Compelling case for Gift Cards!

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