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Corporate Gift Cards are one of the most effective ways to reward employees and engage them into the work culture and improve their performance. Organisations now fully realise that employee recognition is an investment, not an expense and the need to keep a budget for successful, long-term incentives for the employees in the company.

Whatever your industry, whatever the size of your business, Storecheq Corporate Gift Cards can provide best solution to meet your corporate gifting needs. From an off-the-shelf card purchase, to a tailored solution across larger organisations, we have the products and expertise to help transform your business strategy to engage, reward and recognise your best employees.

We’re proud to have worked with a diverse range of organisations and industry sectors including;

  • Banking & Finance
  • Insurance, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
  • Marketing Houses, Advertising, Media & Entertainment
  • Retail Incentive
  • Telecommunications & many more…..

Reward and Recognition

Engaging and motivating staff can make a huge difference to your organisation’s ability to be productive and profitable over time. In fact, the right incentives to your employees, vendors, business partners, can transform your business by ensuring that your employees, and people associated with your business feel rewarded and recognised.

Companies that build a recognition rich culture report noticeably lower staff turnover rates, when you contemplate the impact of the visible as well as the hidden costs of turnover on the bottom line, it makes brilliant sense to invest in incentives for the staff that have proven credentials in building loyalty.

Storecheq is India’s leading gift card company and is supported by a dedicated Corporate Services team that can work with your organisation to craft effective strategies and solutions for employee recognition whenever you want it.

Incentive programmes

  • Sales incentive programmes encourage salespeople to accomplish sales goals over a period of time. These are mainly used to drive sales, lessen sales costs, upturn profitability, develop new territories and increase margins. Sales incentive programs have the strongest connection directly to outcomes.
  • Employee incentive programmes are designed to increase overall employee performance in the organization. These programmes have the ability to boost morale and loyalty, improve employee wellness, increase retention and drive day-to-day employee performance in the organization.
  • Consumer incentive programmes Consumer programs are becoming more widely used as more companies realise that existing customers cost less to reach out to, cost less to sell, are less susceptible to attacks from the competition and buy more from you over the long term.
  • Dealer incentive programmes increase performance for dealer and channel resellers using sales incentive programs. These programmes help companies capture market share, launch new products, decrease cost of sales, rise product adoption and eventually drive sales.
  • Employee Safety Programs Work Safety Programs which offer incentives for safe work practices and incident free work places may offer many benefits for both staff and organisations alike. Storecheq gift cards can provide motivation for employees by incentivising them to follow the best practice safety procedures through a gift card which can be used in over 10,000 stores nationally.

If you are looking for ways to recognise and reward staff through a bonus or incentive for maintaining a safe and healthy work place and reducing work related injuries, try Storecheq Corporate Gift Cards.

Corporate Gift Cards – the best way to reward employees

Vivek Gupta

Founder Storecheq

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