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If an employee feels stuck in his or her current position and sees no prospect of advancement, it can lead to a feeling of resentment toward the company and his/her job, ultimately hindering employee motivation and engagement. In such situations, these workers may begin to look for other employment opportunities. Promoting internally and incentivizing the employees will not only show lower-tier workers that they can advance their careers with their current company, it will also, necessarily, bypass the essential training and assimilation that outsourced hiring usually entails. All entrepreneurs, business owners and managers think about ways to incentivize their employees in ways other than giving away cash to the employee. Employees, in turn, can be motivated by things other than money. In fact, there are quite a lot of motivational techniques to employ at the workplace which will keep your employees happy, motivated and productive.

Below are few of the time tested methods for keeping your employees happy, productive, motivated and keep the attrition rate in check.

  1. Give Recognition: Giving your employees recognition for a job well done is a great way to motivate them. When an employee sends a good work deliverable to you, respond with a thank you email, and potentially copy others in the office to show your appreciation to others on the team and to visibly show your thanks. Doing this will also motivate the others on the team to deliver better results. You can also offer recognition while in company meetings, or run contests with trackable results visible to the entire office. Things like specialised gift cards for dinner, travel, spa retreats can also be superb motivational tools.
  2. Create a Good Work Environment: Your workplace should be an enjoyable place to work in. If your employees feel comfortable in their environment they’re more likely to work with dedication to the company. People typically spend 8 hours each day at their workplace, which is an important portion of their day/year. Work must be enjoyable and if the workplace breeds a hostile environment, or even if it’s just a place where no one feels comfortable, then your employees might start searching for other jobs, and it’s a sure signal that motivation is dropping. Provide enough space for private interaction of your team members. Also, put together a few social events with the team like lunch, dinner, a corporate outing or something of interest to your employees.
  3. Make Your Vision Clear: It’s significant that your employees have a very clear understanding of your company’s vision and. If you can clearly share the company vision with your employees they will feel they are a part of something bigger, which drives feeling of importance and belonging to a team. Be sure to answer questions such as ”what is the roadmap for the company?” What challenges does the management team face? How does each employee and team fit into the vision of the company? Doing this will certainly boost the morale of your employees and motivate them to be more productive.
  4. Help Build and Develop the Skillset of Your Team: Developing your employees skillset is surely a key factor in driving motivation. If you help employees get certifications and awards that will help them in their career growth it would surely drive dedication to your own organization since you are showing your involvement and proving your support to the success of your employees. Be sure to give your employees the opportunity to grow inside your organization and utilize their new skills to be more productive.
  5. Get Everyone Involved in Making Decisions: Chalk out a plan to get all employees involved in the planning and decision making process, so that the project becomes their own personal pet as well as yours. This way they will equally own the project as you do. This also means that everyone should take part in the rewards and the pain. If you’ve seen success recently then you should celebrate as a team and if you’ve seen disappointments, share those as well. Try to evolve your organization as a family comprising all your employees.
  6. Put Your People First: Feedback is very significant and is also a great motivator. If your employees know when they are doing the right things or the wrong things, then they have a better understanding of what outcomes are valued and can better understand their own position in the organization. Try to give positive feedback straight away, to further encourage great performance of your employees, and best if you can appreciate the effort with a gift or a gift card would make your feedback more valuable and appreciated. Similarly, offer negative feedback right away, allowing employees to modify their habits and correct their mistakes.
  7. Be Fair and Respectful: As a manager you should trust your team and respect their work and respect them as people and they will return the same to you. Keep in mind that no one likes to hear that they are wrong, and this can be a de-motivating factor. Your employees are not robots. Talk to them and care for them as people and not just a resource, and they will feel comfortable at work and will be more dedicated to your organization and try to be more productive.
  8. Implement Incentive Programs: It doesn’t matter the type of business you are in or the size of your business to take advantage of incentive programs. These programs have proven to be greatly beneficial in motivating employees, and one of the best parts is that the cost of the programs can be tied to employee performance and paid out upon the employee meeting pre-specified goals. In a study by the International Society of Performance Improvement on performance improvement, it was found that incentive programs could increase employee performance by 22% in individuals, and 44% in teams. The study also found that incentive programs can attract high potential employees who are more likely to stay with the organization when incentive programs are in place.

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8 Best Ways to Incentivize Employees without Using Money

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