In today’s multi generational diverse workforce, employee engagement has become a central focus point for the organisation strategy. As a consequence, a robust recognition program becomes an imperative. The versatile nature of gift cards makes them an integral part of any recognition program as demonstrated by a survey by ‘The Incentive Magazine’ wherein 80.2% respondents use gift cards in their corporate incentive and recognition programs.
Customised gift cards and purchases made through them are not just a momentary one time reward, they are a lasting and continuous reminder of the achievement they were awarded for hence creating a greater emotional connect with the organisation. Gift cards play a critical role in strengthening long term positive association with the organization.

Also as gift cards are also used to buy something special for a loved one and not just for self gratification, earning them becomes a great motivating factor thus augmenting productivity. Additionally gift cards are ideal for any occasion and to recognize professional or personal milestones or to incentives.

Storecheq can play an active role by partnering with you by taking over your time consuming job of personalizing gifts by offering creative communication associated with rewarding thus fulfilling the dual need of developing a brand connect and a sense of pride and achievement.

One of the key differentiator of Storecheq gift cards is that one can easily combine the Storecheq program with any existing rewarding or gifting programs or use them as an independent gifting program.

Also the economics of a gift card program wins hands down when it’s time to convince senior management as the company pays the value of Gift cards created and entire value gets transferred to receivers. Furthermore, the good news for Corporates is that Gift cards attract no tax. There is no GST on the Gift cards; separately the taxation impact for employees comes into play only if the amount exceeds Rs 5000 in a financial year.

Storecheq’s state of art technology platform is not only geared to handle small size to bulk requirements, it also ensures easy order placement, invoicing and control, personalizing, branding & messaging.

Storecheq gift cards seem to be the ideal solution for today’s workforce which is constantly on the go by ensuring immediate delivery to the employees mobile & email. The recipient can claim the Reward by simply clicking the secure link received & verifying his identity on our website.

Some of the benefits Storecheq offers your employees are:

• Super convenient for employees to redeem across 100+ brands and 1,000+ stores

• Brings in additional value than the denomination of the gift card due to the offers and incentives from partner brands

• It offers flexible denomination ranging from Re. 1 to Rs. 50,000

• Employees get a single account for all rewards and can keep accumulating amounts over a period of time

• Gifts are stored in a Storecheq account in a secure mode

• Easy access and redemption anytime anywhere

• No plastic cards to carry

• Employees can redeem/spend in full or part at anytime as per convenience

• Offers a range of options for redemption suitable for all sort of denomination amounts across various gifts and rewards

Operational ease, economics coupled with employee benefits definitely make Storcheq gift cards the go to option while finalizing a rewards program. While we have shared the why’s of gift cards both for an organization and for an employee, we have only touched upon the how’s of gift cards. Watch out for our next article giving insights on ease of adopting gift cards at a large corporate level or as a medium or small enterprise.

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Gain from Giving Gift Cards

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