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People often ask how gift cards are better option to gift than the cash, where you have to spend money to buy gift cards.

Here are the top five reasons explaining how gift cards are much better option than cash:

  • Gift cards can be replaced. Lost or stolen gift cards? No problem. In most situations, gift card issuers can deactivate the missing card and a new one can be substituted after checking if your card is already used, however, it rarely happens because gift cards require a pin for redemption which is always safe with the receiver. You certainly can’t do that with cash. When that Rs. 500 note is gone—it’s gone.
  • Gift cards are guilt-free. Most of the time, when people receive cash as a gift—even for a specific item—they often have second thoughts when it comes to actually making the purchase. Because everybody wants to save the cash for other priorities. Whereas, gift cards offer no alternative and consequently, no guilt and since they come with period of validity, receiver has to redeem it before it expires.
  • Gift cards create memories. Unlike cash, gift cards are memorable from the moment receiver receive them until the moment he/she use them. Gift cards also have their own unique personality due to the endless illustrations and varieties that are available. You cannot attach a personal note when you hand out cash, but in case of Gift cards you can always attach a personal note of your expression. When it comes time to finally spend the gift card, people enjoy bringing their friends or family members along with them.
  • Don’t require cash to purchase: You can buy a gift card with your credit card, debit card, writing a cheque, or you can also choose to use Internet banking for the same. And this way you save your hard cash for other necessities.
  • Hassle free gifting: Cash gifting always comes with hassles and you need to buy envelopes to stack the cash inside and then you hand it over to someone. Whereas in Gift card you just have to put in email address and phone number of the receiver and rest the Storecheq takes care off to deliver your gift card to your desired recipient.

So, if you want to send a thoughtful, guilt-free gift, make it a gift card, not cash.

Why Gift Cards are Better than Cash?

Vivek Gupta

Founder Storecheq

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